Chemical and Biological Systems Optimization Lab.

Thank you for visiting the Chemical & Biological Systems Optimization Lab at Penn State.

The group is led by Dr. Costas D. Maranas, Donald B. Broughton Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering. Research interests include metabolic network reconstruction, analysis and redesign; synthetic biology and microbial strain design for bio-production; computational protein, enzyme and antibody design; and bioinformatics.

You can learn more about our group's research, or download our journal publications.

Photo of the entire Costas Maranas Research Group from July 2013.
Meet the group members!

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Maranas lab from Chemical Engineering in collaboration with Wash U's iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) team is recruiting self-motivated undergraduate students from all backgrounds to participate in the research this summer!

Contact Information:
Costas D. Maranas' office:
112 Fenske Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
phone: 814.863.9958
fax: 814.865.7846

Group offices:
147A Fenske Lab – 814.863.1689
147B Fenske Lab – 814.863.3385
149 Fenske Lab – 814.863.4806

September 2013 - Review paper co-authored by Rajib Saha was highlighted on the Frontiers homepage. Congratulations!

August 2013 - Chiam Yu Ng won the Best Candidacy Exam Award. Congratulations!

August 2013 - Satyakam Dash joined Maranas’ group as a graduate research assistant. Welcome!

April, 2013 - Matt Grisewood successfully defended his Masters thesis and will be continuing as a PhD student. Congratulations!

January 2013 - Tom Mueller a graduate student in Chemical Engineering joined Maranas’ group. Welcome!

October 2012 - Chiam Yu Ng, Mohammad Islam, and Margaret Simons, first year graduate students in Chemical Engineering joined Maranas’ group. Welcome!

May 2012 - Ali Zomorrodi successfully defended his PhD, Congratulations!

April 2012 - Anupam Chowdhury receives the Leighton Riess Graduate Fellowship, Way to go Anupam!

February 2012 - Ali Khodayari a first year graduate student in Chemical Engineering joined Maranas' group, Welcome!

December 2011 - Ali Zomorrodi successfully received his MS in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Congratulations!

December 2011 - Sridhar Ranganathan successfully defended his PhD, Congratulations!

October 2011 - Alex Verseput, Anupam Chowdhury, and Nate Gifford, graduate students in Chemical Engineering joined Maranas' group. Welcome!

September 2011 - Ali Zomorrodi and Robert Pantazes win Larry Duda Awards for Outstanding Graduate Student Performance in Chemical Engineering: Best Paper Award and Best Presentation Award, respectively. Way to go Ali and Robert!

September 2011 - Updated genome-scale atom mapping model for E. coli available under Models. Useful Links. Publications.